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No matter how much effort your organization takes to improve existing processes or how many new technologies you rope in, nothing will change till the time the goal of your organization and your human capital precisely match each other. Your team may be highly efficient and competent, but a robust culture needs to be incorporated to innovate and associate one’s success with the organization’s success, for which we can help you with a dependable HR strategy. 

Get accelerated with the rapid changes within your organization because a successful business puts people first. WHA’s team of veterans ensures our clients reimagine their interaction with people as the first strategy and help you develop talent, create a culture to accelerate the change, and deliver HR services.

WHA - The Best Talent Management Consultants For Your Business

Successful businesses thrive on their talent, but it’s being observed that Talent Management remains a critical issue worldwide. Thus, companies must bring innovative HR programs and initiatives to develop talent.

The right talent management strategy gives you the power to bring the right people with the right skills at the right time and place to grow together to meet evolving business needs. WHA’S talent strategy team works with you to ensure that people strategy aligns with business strategy.

WHA’s Services Within This Context Include:

Our HR Strategy and Talent Development Consultation Services To Establish Your Talent-First Organization

Strategic Change Management

You are not alone if your company is driving growth, innovating, and navigating constant disruptions. Changes are an essential part of the modern business world, and to remain a competitive advantage, an organization must have a strategic management plan to adapt to change. With WHA's strategic management framework, you can understand why your organization is seeking change, your aptitude to handle change, and design a personalized change program to transition smoothly.

People Analytics

Businesses cannot run on guesswork and thus need reliable data and insights to make clear decisions. People Analytics, therefore, sources data from multiple sources to aid in decision-making. Our people analytics services help collect the correct business data, use statistical analytics to assess risks and opportunities, and provide visibility through powerful reporting. With experienced practitioners, WHA helps you maximize the potential of people's data and deliver more value to your business.

Talent Strategy And Development

Thriving in a competitive environment demands adaptability. Organizations need to cultivate a culture of continuous learning to empower employees. WHA helps build skilled talent for current and future work by creating cultures of continuous learning enabled by AI and digital capabilities.

Leadership And Culture Reinvention

What motivates employees? It's not bigger paychecks. It's flexible. Many workers are ready to leave the job if the culture doesn't meet their expectations. It's time for organizations to wake up and reinvent the culture that benefits employees and the organization itself.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Businesses need highly skilled employees to thrive now and in the future. Weak talent can crumble the entire foundation without any signs. That's where WHA workforce planning helps. Our planning forecasts risks, identify talent gaps between the current workforce and future needs, balances the quality, quantity, and location of critical talent, and finally comes up with an actionable solution to resolve the issues.

HR Strategy and Transformation

HR transformation isn't a one-term thing. It's a long-term journey that keeps on evolving with future needs. WHA's advisors develop a strategy that best fits the organizational needs and is something you can rely on. So, whether you are looking to redesign your HR strategy to work better or build the skills to transform HR, WHA can help.

Make talent development your secret weapon to drive business growth and stay ahead of the curve.

    WHA's Process For Talent Strategy And Development

    Analysing the talent implications

    Nurturing the right infrastructure

    Gap analysis and priority setting

    Design people processes and systems

    Strategic Decision-Making (Buy or Build)

    Building talent

    Skill Enhancement

    Analyse Impact

    WHA is Successfully Formulating HR Strategy and Talent Development With Winning Numbers

    Reduction in human errors
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    Growth in ROIs by improved efficiency
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    Increase in on-boarding personals and enhancing critical skill
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    WhiteHawk brings end-to-end HR strategy and talent development experience focusing on people and purpose at the heart of change.

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    Our Company Also Offers Additional Services

    Strategy and Vision Development
    Business & Brand Transformation
    Business Processes and Implementation


    Companies will use a talent strategy to find, retain and attract the right workforce, helping them reach their full potential. Whitehawk Associates has created its very own Talent Turn-around Strategy Program. This process identifies all abilities along with lack of abilities. Thus, bringing all employees quickly up to speed. Your businesses can now keep, value, and re-train your highly developed talent and staff. Resulting in a win-win situation for all concerned.
    • The Benchmark.

    Recognize all valuable leadership skills needed for a high-quality, well-performing workforce.

    • Assessment of Potential

    Make a shortlist. One for potential staff that has the relevant skills and abilities for the current job at hand.

    • Whitehawk associates Talent development

    This is the stage at which you can now start the Whitehawk Associates

    Talent Development Process. Using the chosen employees on your shortlist.

    • Measuring Progress

    Implementing the Whitehawk Associates digital scorecard. This will enable you to track and measure all your finalizing results. Boosting motivation and maintaining momentum.

    1. Identify skill gaps in your company
    2. Hire the right people to fill those gaps
    3. Bring new staff and employees completely up to speed
    4. Engage your workforce and provide them with the tools they need to succeed
    5. Keep your skilled talent and provide them with opportunities for growth

    Whitehawk Associates will help develop your Talent Strategy by:

    1. Pinpointing talent implications of your business strategy.
    2. Creating the right infrastructure for your company and workforce to grow.
    3. Identifying all pivotal job roles and problems that need fixing.
    4. Defining in very fine detail all successful staff profiles.
    5. Make the decision about “Buy 'v' Build” to complete the circle in any talent gaps. This will save your company so much financial cost.
    6. Growing your skills by recognizing how to keep, grow and promote your talented workforce. Turning them into a valuable winning long-term successful team.

    HR strategy development is a very important document. One which sets out the way forward for HR for the next few years. This will show how HR Management will focus on the design and development of its HR Strategy.

    This important document must be clear and very precise. Motivating the HR employees to work on its full implementation. Resulting in a stress-free successful happy working environment.

    1.   Directing A Happy Workspace

    Always keep your staff enthusiastic while at work. This will keep a safe, happy stress-free atmosphere. You want your workforce to feel relaxed. Like they do when they are at home.
    A good idea is to do surveys to capture their thoughts and feelings. Ones about how they feel working in the office.

    2.   Employee Performance Bonuses

    Rewarding your staff for doing an amazing job is always a good way to keep them happy.

    It is a good idea to let your staff understand, that bonuses will only be paid if certain goals have been achieved. Either as a company, a team, or an individual. This will always keep the most hungry and talented staff in the office. Trying to achieve these very goals.

    3.   A Superb Management Feedback System

    Create a feedback system in the company for all the staff. From office juniors to high-ranking management. Doing this is a little bit like letting out the steam from a heated pressure cooker. Resulting in a fun stress-free working environment.

    4.   Visible Displays of High Scoring Performers and Staff

    The best performance by your staff must always be kept prominently on display. This should always be done for the whole company to see. Whether it be on display boards or on websites. This practice always gives the workforce a well-needed boost. It keeps them trying to strive and constantly do better for themselves and the company. Especially when they know that everybody else knows that they are performing well.

    5.   Surprise your Workforce with the Un-expected

    One very successful practice is surprising your staff with unique things in the form of a reward. Surprise the best performers with a gift or a certificate. And also reward a few others who may need a bit more motivation. This will spur them on to do their very best.

    Strategic HR objectives are goals aligned with the company or business goals. They link the strategic objectives of the whole organization. Human resources objectives support organizational goals. Such as profitability business reputation, ethics, core values, and even deep valued principles.

    Firstly, the team here at WHA will start by asking your company the correct questions. Plus, we will look at all data received from every part of your company. These questions and data will need reviewing for us to deliver all your required objectives.

    Now we have examined your information, and data. The next thing we need to look at is your analytics and requirements. We will analyze that data and turn it into valuable insights.

    These in turn will help us answer those all-important questions. Helping us to achieve your goals?

    An important part of data-driven HR is making sure all key insights are delivered. Especially to the correct people in the right way at the right time, so that the right actions can be taken.

    We will then present you with valuable insights. All this with the innovative Whitehawk Associates dashboards.

    Our qualified team of data analysts has real-time access to data through simple reports. Sharing key insights and then presenting them to you as very easy-to-view visuals.

    This is the point where we make a plan of action. One that will turn your HR data strategy into a full-blown reality.

    HR transformation strategy redesigns the HR functions to pave the path for growth. This can include several changes such as automation of repetitive tasks, cutting the old process that eats too many processes, and training the HR for change.

    Some of the most critical drivers for HR transformation are:

    • Automation
    • Improving data quality to make data-driven decisions
    • Identifying hidden opportunities
    • Reducing overhead costs, etc

    HR transformation consultancy services help your organization make substantial changes to its overall HR strategy and HR processes. Although human resources keep changing, organizations often implement fixed strategies that go stale over time thus reducing their impact and end results.

    WHA's HR transformation and talent management service can help you with:

    • Aligning your HR processes with your vision.
    • Discover hidden opportunities in talent programs to pave the path for growth.
    • Automating repetitive HR tasks like resume screening so the team can focus on what's important.

    HR transformation has several benefits for all kinds of businesses including

    • Simplifies processes
    • Improved employee experience and keeping them engaged
    • Reducing overhead costs
    • Data-driven decisions instead of assumptions

    Attract and retaining better talent