Whitehawk Associates

WHA is an advisory and consulting platform that is focused on transformational solutions for the healthcare and retail industries. Our approach is collaborative and we drive a solution oriented approach that gets to the root of the opportunity

Values/Guiding Principles


Drive and support transformational change that adds value for years to come

Clarity and Focus

Razor sharp focus - no messing around at WHA


Talk straight and tell it the way it is


Honest, sincere and transparent - every day with every partner - all the time

High Performance

No time for mediocrity - aim high and deliver higher

Our Client Partners

Go To Market Strategy


Listen, learn, absorb and work together

Fact Based and Data Driven

In a world full of data and facts, we collect information, analyze it and then act


Creating value through innovation


Building solutions that are specific to your needs

Tech Driven

Leveraging tech for problem solving and solutions

Founding Partners

Advisory Board

Operating Partners


We're Ready, Let's Talk.

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