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Best HR Practices in Hospitality

The hospitality industry relies heavily on the quality of its customer service. It is all too well known how much of an impact Staff attitude can have. In turn, creating a fabulous or terrible image and reputation for any hotel, bar, or restaurant.

Your employees are your frontline brand ambassadors. Their performance drives the true competitiveness of your hospitality business.

To truly stay ahead of the game You need to attract, train, develop, and keep passionate, competent, and accountable employees. Finding ways to keep them engaged and motivated to give their best performance.

HR in hospitality needs to devise a well-managed and robust talent management strategy. One that creates a culture of ongoing development. This along with high performance will create a top-notch service in a practical way.

WHA Best Practices for High-Level Talent Management

What is the role of hr in the hotel industry?

These include such things as recruiting, and hiring, skilled, and experienced employees. But to reach high levels of success, they need to retain these dedicated, high-performing employees.

But more than this, they need to establish a talent management strategy. One focused on developing a culture driven by performance-based evaluations. This helps curb employee turnover costs. In turn, increasing employee satisfaction, Plus assures high levels of customer service.

When choosing the Whitehawk Associates best HR practice in hospitality program, our talented experienced team carefully carry out with complete and utter understanding, a well-thought-out plan of action. Showing the full importance of hrm in the hospitality industry. Resulting in your organization’s elements that work together in harmony, driving-up quality results. 

The current trends in hospitality industry incorporate various web-based solutions. This highly effective automated method optimizes their key management functions. Allowing managers, Human resource executives, and staff members to shift their focus to other Important activities.

A good example of human resource management in the hospitality industry is a very famous hotel casino in California. They consistently hand their employees appraisals, supporting very high-performance programs. This covers their entire workforce of over 5000 employees. Within only one year, the hotel casino experienced significant positive results. Thus, giving them far better alignment and a much higher turnover.

There are so many competitive businesses now in the fierce global hospitality industry. They nearly all use highly effective talent management practices. Enforcing a culture of high-class customer service experience.

The Whitehawk Associates HR Strategy

  • Internally Created Talent Pools

At Whitehawk Associates we advise against the constant hiring of new staff. Especially for specific skill sets and different positions. So, we initiate the cultivation of talent pools. Internally preparing employees to assume leadership roles wherever and whenever possible.

  • The dreaded Information Silos

Information silos hinder the flow of information. Especially among different levels and positions within any business in the hospitality sector. Thus, creating obstacles in the way of success. What is needed is better performance, experience, and knowledge. This must be readily available to all staff members and employees. Delivering precise information to the right person at the right time. By doing this your hospitality business can avoid these dreaded information silos.

  • Essentially good Customer Service Values

With every role of hr in the hospitality industry, it is important to include elements geared toward providing an excellent customer experience. Senior management needs to outline these. Ensuring their staff at all levels have a clear understanding of the importance of hr practices in the hotel industry. Showing exactly how their individual actions will contribute to providing these amazing customer’s experiences and values.

  • Power to the Employee

So, your hospitality business has amazing customer service values. Great, but now senior executives also need to empower employees. Ensuring they deliver them in a way that also adds value to the customer experience.

Now everything has to link up and gel together. From the customer experience to the retainment of your talented workforce. Just like one big happy family, moving along on the same exciting journey into the oblivion of success.


This is One Such Case where Everything Linked up

‘Small Family Run Hotel in Bali sets an example of Amazing customer service.’

Not so long ago, Steven Glynn holidayed with his family on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. Unfortunately, his little nephew left behind his dearest little stuffed toy called Tuffey. Steven told his nephew that Tuffey had decided to stay a little while longer.

Contacting the hotel, he asked if they still had Tuffey. Explaining to them his young nephew had left him behind and was missing him so much. As luck would have it, they found it and told him they would send Tuffey on.

To support Steven’s story the nice hotel staff took a few pictures of Tuffey. He was enjoying himself, eating ice cream, and sipping drinks by the pool. Wearing cute little shades with a dinky towel around him.

Steven was so impressed by the thoughtfulness of this hotel. He decided to make a video to share his experience with the world.

Now that is what you call customer service going above and beyond!

Sustaining a successful HR Practice

As the transformation process progress, WHA will identify and train all HR leaders and staff members. Doing this in such a way that they completely understand the entire process and the importance of amazing customer service. Resulting in a sustainable change that makes your global hospitality business a big name and a roaring success for the future.