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How Truehealth Achieved 56% Growth By Deploying The Right Strategy And Vision Planning with Whitehawk Associates

True Health is a multi office clinic today and has an aspiration to become a 20 clinic practice in the New York metropolitan area.  

Truehealth, a home to expert doctors, diagnostic and laboratory services. This trusted brand in the primary care space  is into multiple offerings, from family medicine, cardiac diagnostics, preventive care, sleep studies, immunizations, vaccinations and  much more. 

After several years of business operation, the clinic wanted to expand to the next level and leverage digital technology supported by an aggressive marketing plan.

The Challenge

TrueHealth faced several challenges that included operational bottlenecks, stagnancy, and an uphill battle with expansion. The vision to grow the organization needed a thorough revision backed with industry trends and robust structure. That’s when they decided to seek consultation from veterans having years of experience working as CEOs, CTOs, and VPs; Whitehawk Associates. 

How WhiteHawk Helped True Health? 

WhiteHawk’s team of experts broke the entire process into two verticals 

  1. Vision and Operational Planning 
  2. Creating digital presence 

1. Vision Development and Strategic, operational planning 

We started with a detailed assessment phase and identified key focus areas

  • With the existing team of great individuals, the clinic needed to build the to further expand and grow the vision for the future of TrueHealth 
  • Expansion needed to be a priority but only after building a solid base 
  • The business relied on manual processes and legacy systems for its day-to-day operations and that clearly needed a radical improvement

Whitehawk’s Vision for Truehealth: 

  • A 20 clinic expansion plan with Multispeciality service via a Hub and Spoke model; Potential digital offer with a dedicated partnership with a local Rx Player
  • Achieving clinical excellence by focusing on clinical outcomes, capturing the “virtual care” market and providing an immunization clinic platform  that completes the holistic cycle for primary care 
  • A roadmap to achieve excellent patient care and satisfaction with a strong focus on operational excellence 
  • Engaging both clinical and patient community with the Truehealth brand

Tactical Initiatives:

  • Automate repetitive tasks, such as billing, data entry, etc. This helped avoid human errors and improved work quality. 
  • Mapping resources to concentrate on essential tasks helped reduce overhead costs and other similar expenses. 
  • Hire the operational lead who is held accountable for the team’s excellence and patient experience 
  • Develop a strong communication channel with the patients for seamless experience at the clinic

2. Digital Enhancement 

TrueHealth needed to create a digital presence and leverage social media to capture audiences from different regions.

So, Whitehawk consultants crafted a clear plan to help revive TrueHealth. This includes: 

  • Active posting on all social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to engage the local community 
  • Posting SEO-optimized blogs on the site on trending topics that help engage not only the patient base but the clinical fraternity 
  • Implementing Google Ads to attract new leads
  • Executing a robust communication mechanism to increase engagement with prospective clients

The Result: 

Within five weeks of implementing the strategy, the results started reflecting.  And our team tracked the results and the audience behavior and found the following:

  • Growth of over 56% in their transactions via online platforms