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WHA Tips for Being an Effective Manager of HR in Retail

The global retail industry plays a vital role in the economy of every nation. The traditional physical retail industry has also seen the impact of many fundamental changes. Especially in the direction of the macro-environment.

These use applications of popular high-tech electronic technologies. With the integration of e-commerce and physical retail, businesses have to find original ways of attracting new blood. But they have to do this while retaining highly skilled currently employed talents that they have already. 

This is to sharpen their competitive edge. Laying a solid foundation for sustainable development leading on into the future.

So, what is the reason why you decide to become a manager for Human Resources in the retail industry? For many, it will be the; “Oh… I’m a people person and I like helping others,” reason or motivational drive. 

These are good reasons to start. But, will these factors make you an effective HR manager in retail? Not necessarily!

You see, It takes something much more to be part of a truly professional and effective hr management team and network.

Whatever a person’s true reason for a certain job position, and whatever that position may be. We can all learn a thing or two by listening to some sound advice and sharpening our working tools. So, here are the Whitehawk Associates 10 valuable tips to consider:

1. The Bigger Picture

This is a common flaw of HR managers. They get so focused on hiring the best new people that they forget about the ones they already have.

The engagement of the current employees should be part of the bigger picture. It’s as important as getting the best workers on board.

Are your recognition, review, and growth policies on par with your recruiting efforts? If not, then they should be.

2. Keeping the Passion

Effective hr represent the rules and needs of any retail organization. That’s why they can seem very cold, and distant a lot of the time.

This is a common misconception you definitely have to change.

By digging deep and rediscovering your gut-wrenching passion, you’ll overcome that flaw. Your drive will inspire not only the people you’re trying to recruit, but, the current employees already working in the organization as well.

3. The WHA Positive Approach to Communication

Every transition a retail company goes through has a knock-on effect. These ripple through the employees, and retail prices. Unfortunately, this can affect your highly valued customers as well. Breaking the long-term connection you and your business has with them.

So, an effective human resources manager must keep all lines of communication open. This will help the entire organization stay happy and functional at all times.

Always communicate with the employees. Not only when they are facing changes and transitions, but also on a day-to-day basis, too. Especially if you know about any problems they might be facing. This way you’ll be able to manage them in a very simple and professional way.

4. Go and Visit the Employees

Do you know the way most workers perceive a call to show up within the HR office? Scary! This happens when the HR manager acts as a principal. Communicating with staff only to warn them about impending changes or about something they might have done wrong. You have got to 100% change this attitude.

The employees will appreciate more human contact. Get out of your office and mingle with them where they work. Then ask them questions allowing them to suggest their ideas. Show some support and you’ll create an improved working environment. That’s what effective hr management in retail is actually all about.

5. The Personal Touch with Every Member of Staff

The Personal touch is the key to effective human resources management. When communicating with a member of staff, take into consideration their preferences.  Understand full about their personality, age, direction, and goals.

As an HR manager, you have to keep tabs on everyone. You will never inspire them to do better. Simply with boring and pointless generalised motivational talks.

Speak with them individually and push them towards their personal goals. Now, this will put you on the right track to becoming a quality manager from an effective hr team. 

6. The WHA Retail Department Collaboration

You have a big responsibility. One of choosing and supporting the correct staff, for the correct department. Work close together with the managers to develop appropriate HR ideas and practices and bring yourself completely up to speed making yourself familiar with these departments.

  • Retail positions
  • Sales associates
  • Cashiers
  • Customer service representatives
  • Visual merchandisers
  • Buyers
  • Store managers
  • Assistant store managers
  • Inventory control specialists

7. The WHA Mentorship Program

With our proven track record. In the Whitehawk Associates mentoring program. A new staff member gets proper guidance for personal and professional development. Learning how to do their job as well as possible. 

Mentoring should never be improvised. It should be a clear simple program based on plans, goals, and monitoring of results. This is where the effective human resource management responsibilities come into play. Appointing department training managers and line supervisors.

8. Flexibility

A strong culture of adaptability always shows a higher level of organizational commitment. Thus, your flexibility as an HR manager has a lot to do with the whole commitment to the organization.

How do you develop such flexibility? Be on top of all new trends. Analyse the events and culture within the organization. Consider their ideas and try new methods to support staff development. Your profession involves learning and influencing change. Never forget that!

9. The Right Technologies

Human resource information and applicant tracking systems are always being upgraded. You must make sure you stay on top of your game with all new and existing technologies, and let the talented team here at Whitehawk Associates help you improve your ability and become part of an effective human resource management team. 

10. Create your own Vision

You can’t hang on for your organization or retail enterprise to define what your role is, or should be. You know yourself what human resource management is. You just need to do everything possible to become your own expert. This is an important role within any organization. 

Find your own vision. One which involves not only your growth as an HR manager but the growth of the entire organization. Always suggest new ideas, develop new skills, and try new technologies.

It’s not easy to become an extraordinary HR manager. It takes a lot of work, experience, and consistent experimenting with new techniques.

Let Whitehawk Associates and our handy tips help you on your journey towards greatness. In your amazing human resource retail management profession.