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Continuous Process Improvement: Benefits and Strategies

Your company, business, or enterprise must consistently track its process performance. Otherwise, you won’t notice when problems begin blocking up your system.

Continuous process improvement (CPI) is where the continual tracking of process performance will find inefficiencies enabling you to eradicate them.

So, how do you establish a continuous improvement culture in your company? And where on earth do you begin?

The Whitehawk Associates CPI?

Here at Whitehawk Associates, we use a system called continuous process improvement (CPI). This is the practice of making steady changes to your business processes. Thus, improving efficiency and quality.

Sometimes, continuous process improvement is also known as ‘continual process improvement’. Please don’t get confused with business process reengineering (BPR). Continued improvement enables you to make subtle changes to your processes. This is far better than scrapping everything to completely redesign a new process.

Now your company can improve existing business processes. All it takes is small changes to tweak the process, encouraging big innovations. Helping you achieve full operational perfection.

Lots of organizations use workflow analysis software to help with this process. Tools like this make it easy to track performance and spot areas for improvement.

What Are the Benefits of WHA Continuous Process Improvement?

Continuous business process improvement aims to identify inefficiencies. Streamlining all processes enables a simple clear understanding of business workflows

The Resulting benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Faster processing
  • Fewer errors
  • Improved stakeholder and supplier relationships
  • Better quality end products
  • More productive employees
  • Happier customers

These benefits will also depend on where you focus your improvement plan and strategy.

Almost 70% of firms currently concentrate improvements on boosting productivity and lowering costs. With roughly 38% trying to increase customer satisfaction. The other 35% look to improve existing products and services.

Outcomes will always depend on the existing process you choose to improve.

The WHA Continuous Process Improvement Strategy

Whitehawk Associates strategize with a variety of methods to analyze, plan, execute, and track ongoing improvements.

These strategies combine different project management ideas. Giving the option of picking the best model that fits with the way your team and workforce currently work.

Here are the top strategies you can use to improve the process

PDCA Cycle

This is ideal for making incremental improvements to existing workflows. The PDCA Cycle is a very lean method. Focusing on reducing any wasteful procedures.

The four important steps:

  1. Once you’ve worked out where the inefficiencies are, make a plan to tackle each inefficiency.
  2. Execute the change on a small scale to see if it produces the results you’re looking for.
  3. Check the change is having the desired outcomes and is improving your process.
  4. Size up the process change before moving on to the next inefficiency.

The 4 Whitehawk Associates Focusing Steps

This improvement lets you address your weakest link. Fixing it until it is no longer the weakest link. Then simply move on to your next weak link.

How WHA makes it work

  1. Identify the problem: Find the weakest link in your system.
  2. Exploit the constraint: See how much capacity you can get from it. Especially before increasing it.
  3. Subordinate: Decrease the capacity of all other elements. Using the workflow to match the capacity of the weakest link.
  4. Prevent inertia: Keep improving by increasing the capacity of the non-constraints. Then address the elements again or choose the next weakest link.

Get Started with The Whitehawk Associates Continuous Process Improvement Now!

Whitehawk Associates will never let your processes stagnate. We will endeavor to get the best possible performance from your processes. Plus, we will continuously improve and track all of your company’s workflows.

There are various improvement strategies you can use to streamline your processes. We will help you find one that fits with your team and workforce operations.

One of the best ways to boost process efficiency is to scrap all manual processing. Replacing it with full automation.

Try Whitehawk Associates today and experience all the amazing benefits for you, your company, your staff, and all your highly valued customers.