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The Business Improvement Process – Whitehawk’s Analysis Mapping

No other process can deliver results immediately and so quickly with such profitability. Teaching you how to improve your business process. Increasing quality,  reducing costs, and even waste.  

B.I.P. does this by increasing operational efficiencies. Therefore,  improving productivity. At Whitehawk Associates, we have an experienced and professional business process improvement team.  

Showing you the quickest way to focus on all business process improvements. Also, the essential steps and critical success factors for the success of the effort.  

Our team provides an easy-to-understand framework for the enhancement process, along with improvement concepts and techniques.  Along with valuable advice on how to introduce changes in the organizational process. 


  • The team at Whitehawk Associates uses an Industry-wide standard framework for the all-important BIP ease of fitment.
  • Describe the purpose, benefits, and critical aspects of the Business Improvement process (BIP).
  • Use industry-standard techniques to analyze the root cause of process problems.
  • Determine the appropriate metrics for analyzing business processes using process mapping to discover and analyze processing problems.
  • Design new processes using lean techniques that reduce waste and maximize business value.
  • Use three standard principles to optimize process design.
  • Incorporating and planning the whole monitoring and managing process.
  • Spot the key metrics. Continually monitoring and reporting process performance and efficiency.
  • Make the process of organizational changes using practical techniques. 

Business-process Improvements 

These improvements are an invaluable tool for any company or business.  Whatever the basis of its size or industry. 

In reality, improvements will always be a highly time-consuming process. That is why Whitehawk Associates will save you a vast amount of time, money, and effort. This will provide your company with knowledgeable and valuable insider insights. 

We use Whitehawk’s B.P.M. Associates software. Enabling ease-of process with key technical improvements. 

The step-by-step process 

  1.  Process of mapping
  2. Analysis and process
  3.  workflow re-design
  4. Assignment of recourses
  5. Implementing and developing of plan
  6. Carrying out the plan of process
  7. Fully explanatory Whitehawk’s B.P.M. Associates software
  8. Optimizing of monitorization

Process Mapping  

Mapping is a very important necessary tool that is used from the very beginning in any company improvement process. Giving a very real visual representation of all processes. This represents and defines what your company does. Including responsibility-sharing for the absolute completion of each selected task. 

In addition, the process for identifying improvements. Mapping of existing processes. Giving a perfect overview of the work and a point of reference.  

It is completely your choice. Create your own map, or use our Ease of Process, included in the Whitehawk Associates mapping software. 

Analysis for Improvements 

Our first step is to carefully review your map for improving your business processes. Identify areas of inconsistency and problems.  Homing-in at the key points where significant delays, too much time,  and money are wasted. Then successfully trace the problem back to its probable source. 

Resource Allocation 

The potential solutions identified mean that you can start to allocate roles and delegate resources. Inform all employees from managers to shareholders. Let them know how the changes will affect their roles.  Show what resources are available to them. 

Explain what the new workflow will look like. Also, as to how the improvements benefit the organization as a whole. These calms stressed nerves and reduce the natural resistance to change.  

Create the conditions for the implementation of important business processes. 

Implementing your Development Plan 

At this point, you must create a detailed plan. This will involve all employees, including all of their resources. Make a list of specific key tasks that they will be responsible for. A detailed timeline will need to be created, explaining the complete tasks, from beginning to end.  

Setting due dates ensures that business process improvement stays on schedule. 

Plan of Execution 

Now the time has come to share your implementation plan with all of your key personnel. Explaining when they must complete their duties and exactly what can be expected of them.  

This will emphasize how the new processes will benefit every single employee. As well as the whole organization in general. 

Whitehawk Associates B.P.I Analysis Mapping 

Let our passionate team at Whitehawk Associates work with your organization, taking it to the next level of business and corporate success.